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Mike Biggar

Tuesday Evenings, 7-9pm  April 3 to May 8, 2018

Have You Ever?

Have you ever listened to a song and thought to yourself ‘This song was written just for me'?

It could be:

  • A sad, lonely break up song that somehow gives voice to your own pain. 

  • A feel good driving tune that makes you let down your hair and celebrate the moment.

  • A vast, powerful anthem connecting you to an important cause.

  • A tender love song that deepens your affection for the special people in your life

Songs can do all that...and more! 

Your Turn!


Now...rather than just the listener, imagine that YOU are the COMPOSER - the songwriter.  Imagine that YOU have found the capacity to write lyrics and music that create those moments for others who hear YOUR songs.

As someone who makes a living performing songs, I can attest to what a powerful thing it is to observe the impact your songs can have on people…to see how my lyrics and music resonate in others''s a pretty amazing thing, whether it's a large concert crowd or just a few friends at a campfire.  So...

  • Want to learn how?

  • Have you ever wondered how songs get written?

  • Have you ever thought 'I have a great idea for a song but don't know how to bring it to life?'

Sign up for my first ever song writing class - 'INSPIRATION to IDEA to I DID IT!' and let's bring YOUR songs to life!

I have had the great fortune of receiving invaluable instruction, encouragement, insight and friendship from some marvelous 

songwriters and master class writing.  Now I want to share the insights and tools I have learned with YOU to help move you from your INSPIRATION to your song IDEA and arriving at your I DID IT moment!


6 week course


7pm to 9pm

Apr. 3 - May 8


St. David's United Church

7 Gondola Pt. Road

Rothesay NB


Before March 21:


After March 21:


Sign Me Up:  Click Here

I Have Questions:  Click Here

See A Sample Course Outline:  Click Here

Who Is This For?

It’s really simple - this song writing class is intended for anyone who has ever pondered writing a song! Whether you have never written before and want to finally start, or you have been writing for a while and want to up your quality game, we will focus on some valuable core basics and lessons from my journey that all can benefit from. Click HERE to check out a sample outline.

What's Your Style?

My teaching style is informal, conversational and fun.  We will learn and create in an enjoyable, light-hearted group atmosphere with lots of encouragement, camaraderie, and absolutely NO judgment.

What's In It For Me?

In the end, my hope is that you’ll find confidence in your ability to take your inspiration, forge your own song idea and develop it into a complete song. I’m excited about this course, and I hope you’ll join me! 

What If I Don't Play An Instrument?

No problem. It’s highly valuable to be at least functional on a guitar or piano as a songwriter but there are lots of great lyricists who can hardly play.  I can give some super simple, basic and useful guitar lessons too, just to help you get pairing up your writing with melody.

What If I Don't Have Any Fun?

Well then, you must be the wettest blanket around, because I intend to have a barrel of fun as we discover, realize, learn, apply and write songs together!


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