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May 2017 - Touring the Rock!

I am so excited to announce my first ever tour of Newfoundland! I will be playing shows across the province running from May 19-29, including a collection of venues and house concerts. And I am delighted to say I will be partnering with some wonderful artist friends for many of these shows, including award-winning R&B Artist and producer Chris Kirby and powerhouse vocalist Karla Pilgrim of the amazing trio The Secrets. These shows are a continuing part of the release tour in support of my new album GO ALL IN on Busted Flat Records. Newfoundland is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and I am so looking forward to playing for folks as we travel along and making new friends and fans. It

Mike Biggar Blues & Roots Radio Interview

Just before the final show in Toronto Ontario while on tour to promote the release of my new album 'GO ALL IN' I had the great privilege of sitting with Stevie Connor of at Relish Bar & Grill for an interview that was subsequently edited into a 1 hour feature special for his show 'Wee Dan's Hoose Radio Show' that was aired worldwide on April 16, 2017. B&RR has affiliates in Canada, the USA, the UK & Ireland, Continental Europe and Australia and so many wonderful people who labour to bring attention to independent folk, roots and blues music artists all around the world. It was a total pleasure to have the chance to chat with Stevie...his Scottish brogue is enchanting,

What A Tour - What A Time!

Well I have returned home to the ol' 506 (that's my area code if ya didn't know!) after a wonderful time out on the road in Quebec and Ontario over the last 3 weeks promoting the release of my new album GO ALL IN. I had such a great time playing for wonderful folks, and man oh man, there were so many friends who came out to see me...really astounded me! I have added a few pics of the shows and some special folks I met/reconnected with along the way. The venues I played were just great and I was so grateful for the warm welcome from the owners -can't wait to return! I also have to acknowledge the wonderful generosity of friends and some folks I barely even knew who welcomed me into their home




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