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What A Tour - What A Time!

Well I have returned home to the ol' 506 (that's my area code if ya didn't know!) after a wonderful time out on the road in Quebec and Ontario over the last 3 weeks promoting the release of my new album GO ALL IN. I had such a great time playing for wonderful folks, and man oh man, there were so many friends who came out to see me...really astounded me! I have added a few pics of the shows and some special folks I met/reconnected with along the way. The venues I played were just great and I was so grateful for the warm welcome from the owners -can't wait to return! I also have to acknowledge the wonderful generosity of friends and some folks I barely even knew who welcomed me into their does that help to save dough out there! Special thanks to Shane & Ann, Bob & Mary, Bill & Vicki, Michelle & Jeff, Lila & Linda (& Lisa too!) And lastly, thanks to my very special friends at Blues and Roots Radio Stevie & Anne Connor for their mind-blowing support for my music...if you aren't familiar with their brilliant internet radio shows you gotta tune in and get to following them...they bring such important focus to folk, blues, and roots music, and they highlight hard-working artists from literally all around the globe. THANK YOU ALL!


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