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2017...A Year Full of Thank-You's!

Wow...see ya 2017! The holiday season has come and gone and just as I begin moving forward to what the new year holds, I am quite overwhelmed thinking about how fortunate I have been as I look back over 2017…I have had so many high points in my musical journey this's a quick list of just some of the highlights:

- Wonderful chances to perform my songs to welcoming, generous friends and fans

- Lots of miles of traveling with my songs to play them for new folks far and wide

- Releasing my latest album GO ALL IN, being blessed with so much great feedback and publicity

- Being honoured with a 2017 Music NB Award win in October

- Wonderful support from my record label Busted Flat Records and publicity support from Sarah French & radio play and reviews across Canada and into Europe and Australia

- Amazing festivals that I had the privilege of taking part in

- My ECMA Songwriters Tour in February all over the East Coast with such fine fellow artists

- My video travel blog for Blues and Roots radio

- So many new venues where I performed and new ground broken

My first time attending the Folk Music Ontario conference

- My first tour in Newfoundland

- My first Christmas tour in Ontario and Quebec

I am really honestly blessed with so many tremendous friends and supporters…I could never get everyone listed…so let me just say how indescribably grateful I am to all the marvelous folks who support me and my music in so many different ways...I seriously cannot thank you enough. And I can't wait to bring my music back your way in 2018. Happy new year, friends! :-)


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