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Well, just a couple of weeks after being honoured with the 2018 East Coast Music Award for 'Blues Album of the Year' I was off to upper Canada for my Spring Ontario/Quebec tour...and wow, what an incredible time it was out on the road over the last month or so! Some wonderful shows, some cool new venues, many new friends, lots of old friends, and some cool business plans! I have had SO many wonderful opportunities come my way and such a warm welcome from music and industry friends in ON/PQ over the last couple of years, and this last tour was my best run yet! There are SO many people I should thank for their support and welcome...I would doubtless leave someone out if I try to list them...but here is a quick photo recap of many of the shows and some of the special folks whose support means the world to me:

From folks who let me crash at their house to radio and media supporters, to show promoters who have had me perform, I am so grateful for your interest and support of my music...thank you ALL!

Also, special thanks to Music NB, the MID Program & the Province of New Brunswick for their financial support of this tour


I'm very glad to be back home on the East Coast now and ready to roll into the summer shows...lots of festivals, music series...and even a few bonfires too! Check the dates and come catch some music and say hi!

You can click HERE to go to my SHOWS website page and get all the details on my summer shows.

Here's to an amazing summer ahead...and I sure hope the music brings me your way!



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